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Dryer Fire Burned A House Down – Importance Of Keeping Dryer Vents Cleaned & Ventilated Properly

A dryer was the source of a recent Battleford house fire, according to Fire Chief Larry Gabruch, who has some words of advice to other homeowners.

In the case of Monday’s house fire, the occupants had put some rags with household cleaning products and oil used for hardwood floors into a washing machine, and then put those rags in the dryer. The dryer was still running when they left the house.

Their dryer had a long vent and wasn’t able to exhaust air properly, said Gabruch. In this case, he said, the dryer continued to run at high heat, and the vapours from the rags led to fire.

Story by Josh Greschner, Staff Reporter / Battlefords News-Optimist – NOVEMBER 16, 2018 08:25 AM

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