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QUALITY Home and Residential Solar Film Window Tinting Services – Wichita Kansas

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Quality Cleaning Solutions has spun off a new business just for residential and commercial window tinting. For more information visit Advanced Solutions Window Tinting.

Reduce your cooling bill and block out harmful UV rays from your homes interior and furnishings without diminishing the natural light and beauty of your home!

So how exactly can solar window film help me on my cooling bills and protect my home’s interior?

Solar window films or window tinting blocks out 95-99% of harmful and harsh UV rays and actually reflect the sun’s rays away from the home, which of course has a direct effect on the use of the homes cooling system. If the home is not as hot, the air conditioning runs less and you will ultimately save money, help the environment, and protect your family and furnishings from UV rays all at the same time!

Window Tinting / Solar Window Filming Pays For Itself!

Residential and Home Window Tinting Options:

  • Choose from light to dark tints and several patterns.
  • Custom tint / film installation- fit to professionally to your windows.

We have all the equipment required to tackle those tough window tinting jobs from ropes and ladders to power washing and pole systems. From your smallest home window to your largest office window tinting tasks, we have the experience to get your job done right.

In addition to our Solar Film and Window Tinting services, we also provide:

We are fully insured, bonded and licensed to operate in Wichita, KS and all surrounding cities such as: Eastborough, Haysville, Derby, Andover, Newton, El Dorado, & Augusta Kansas.

We provide solar window tinting services to a wide range of customers including: Large and small commercial buildings, office complexes, retail properties, light industrial, and home, residential and business customers.

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