Featured In The Wichita Eagle Newspaper – Jan 2016, News Article


“Want to breathe easier and better inside your home? Consider getting your home’s air ducts cleaned to improve your air quality”, says Brett Cole, owner of Quality Cleaning Solutions, an air duct cleaning company in Wichita, KS; noting there are other benefits with cleaner air ducts.

“In the wintertime especially, we close our windows so there’s no fresh air coming from outside,” Cole says. So indoor air is basically recirculated – along with all the dust, allergens, pet dander, things tracked in on the bottom our shoes, our dead skin cells and dust mites that can get airborne.

Cleaner air ducts can mean less dust setting on furniture and less stuff for your furnace filter to filter, meaning you won’t have to work as hard and neither will your furnace, saving you time and money.

If your home has recently underwent a remodel, you will definitely want to consider scheduling an air duct cleaning, he says.

Cole, whose service area includes Wichita and several surrounding communities, advises his customers to schedule a cleaning every 5 years. If you have several pets or a large family with lots of comings and goings (that allow for more debris to be tracked in), you’ll want to schedule a cleaning about every eight to 10 years, he suggests.

By Amy Geiszler-Jones @ The Wichita Eagle

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