What Is An Air Duct

Air Ducts are hollow conduits in round and square sizes which are built of sheet metals and associated with ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for pathways of heated or cooled air to travel through entire buildings.

The main source of cooling or heating system in a home is connected through Air Ducts.

Air Ducts are used both at home and office environments to maintain the temperature in an enclosed place. Pressure is generated by heating or cooling systems through air ducts which leads to the traveling of hot/cold air through an entire building. When the air is carried through air ducts they  blow through the vents for providing temperature adjustment features.

Poorly sealed or insulated ducts make up for high consumption levels of energy, causing increased bills.  Technicians and builders advise to clean air ducts on a regular basis because the buildup of mold, dust and bacteria are not good for a person’s health.  There is a requirement of proper maintenance of air ducts that ensures ducts are cleaned and not clogged.

If you are a homeowner, it is recommended that you hire an experienced air duct cleaning specialist to clean the air ducts and vents professionally. Clearing visible mold, vermin, and dust is important.  Quality Cleaning Solutions air duct cleaning services include the cleaning of whole cooling and heating systems; which includes the coils, fans, registers, ducts and more.

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